Parliamentary Inquiry to investigate Vaping


Digging into the health impacts and marketing of Vaping

The inquiry, announced by Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk, will particularly investigate vaping use among young Queenslanders and current measures being undertaken in schools to discourage vapers.

Vaping is a relatively new trend but not enough is known about the long-term health risks.

Although many vaping products are marketed as nicotine free, it’s not always the case, and e-cigarettes can contain other chemicals found in nail polish remover.

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said Queenslanders and young people needed to know what they’re putting in their bodies.

“Critically, we need to have greater knowledge about what vaping devices contain – does anyone have an understanding of what they are inhaling? Do these devices contain nicotine or, worse, do they contain dangerous or toxic chemicals? What are the possible health risks and long-term consequences?

“And that information is vital to ensuring we are able to better educate Queenslanders.”

Some of the Issues the Parliamentary Inquiry will examine include:

  • The prevalence of e-cigarette use, particularly amongst children and young people
  • The risks of vaping harmful chemicals, including nicotine, to individuals, communities, and the health system
  • The approaches being taken in Queensland schools and other settings relevant to children and young people to discourage uptake and use of e-cigarettes
  • The awareness of the harmful effects of e-cigarette use to an individual’s health and the effectiveness of preventative actions.

The committee is expected to report back by August 31.

I want to know your thoughts on Vaping

As your local Member, it is important that I understand how our local community feels about this issue – and I have had many discussions about it with local schools, parents and other stakeholders. I have created a simple form for locals to let me know their thoughts and any experience they, or a loved one, have had with vaping. You can find it here.

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