James Martin MP - My Plan for Stretton

A Strong and Safe Community

We have the privillege of living in a dynamic, multicultural community in the Stretton electorate. 

Here’s my commitment: I will always stand up for our community – including our local schools, community groups and businesses and will do all I can to make sure we have a safe and vibrant local area.

A Vibrant, Multicultural Community

Stretton is Queensland’s most multicultural community and I am very proud to represent it. 

We have so many fantastic community organisations in our area that do amazing work. 

I regularly attend events hosted by our multicultural community organisations and am always impressed with the amazing talent and work ethic that our community possesses. 

A number of locals in the Stretton community currently sit on the Queensland Multicultural Advisory Council and our organisations are regularly recognised for their work at the Queensland Multicultural Awards.

Stretton has very high education and job outcomes, and of course unlimited choices for places to eat. You can find food from every corner of the globe in the Stretton electorate. 

Make sure you visit one of our amazing local businesses which I’m always out supporting!

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James Martin MP

Regular Coffee with a Cop sessions – come along!

I always enjoy hosting my regular Coffee with a Cop community sessions. Held at Sunnybank Hills Shoppingtown on the first Thursday of each month, it’s a chance for our community to chat to local law enforcement about any safety concerns they might have. 

I have always been a strong advocate for community safety, as well as for our hard-working police. 

The Queensland Police Crime Prevention team have also shared some tips on how to stay safe:

  • Protect yourself – lock up securely before bed with keys and wallets off benches.
  • Report any incident/ suspicious activity to Policelink on 131 444.
  • Get to know your neighbours and keep an eye out for each other.

Please contact my office to find out when the next Coffee with a Cop is on – we’d love to hear from you!

We’re Hiring 2,000 More Police by 2025

The Palaszczuk Government has announced the largest increase in police resourcing in more than 30 years with a $625 million police investment. 

When it comes to community safety I support more boots on the ground and a well-funded and fully-resourced police service. 

That is why the Palaszczuk Government has committed to providing a record increase in police officers – 2,000 police by 2025.

In addition we are investing $300 million in capital works – for new and improved facilities across the state. We will also double the number of Mobile Police Beats (MPBs) within five years to deliver better police services to all communities.

MPBs are essentially ‘police stations on wheels’; increasing community access to police and ensuring that police resources can be strategically distributed to local areas that need them most. 

Harsher sentences for young criminals

Nothing is more important than keeping our community safe.

As a local MP, I take crime very seriously and I will always be a strong advocate for anything that helps protect locals.

We already have the toughest bail laws in the country. We are also in the midst of the biggest recruitment drive in 3 decades – one that will yield an additional 2,000 police officers.

But it’s clear there is more to be done. That’s why I welcome the Premier’s recent decision to introduce harsher measures aimed at young criminals.

These include:

  • Up to 14 years’ jail for violent juvenile car thieves
  • Extreme high visibility police patrols
  • Two new youth detention centres built
  • Increased penalties for offenders who boast about these crimes on social media
  • Young offenders will be in custody for longer to make sure they can complete rehabilitation programs
  • Trials of engine immobilisers across parts of the state.

Of course, we will continue to invest heavily in crime prevention as well.

Programs like Transition 2 Success have a great track record of moving young people away from a life of crime. In fact, the research shows 75% of T2S participants did not reoffend.

Our community must be protected and I’m glad to see swift action being taken by the Premier to curtail incidents of crime.

Find out more about My Plan for Stretton, including investing in better healthcare, roads and public transport and keeping our community safe and strong.

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