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A Better Future for
Our Community

I love our community and I’m passionate about serving it. My job is not just to represent the Stretton Electorate in parliament – it’s to work with our community to get the best outcomes for our schools, our small businesses, local groups and families. Everyday, my focus is on working towards a better future for everyone in our community.

- James Martin MP

James Martin MP

Meet James

Hi, I’m James Martin.

I’m a long-term local and I’m passionate about our community.

I grew up on the southside and prior to being elected in 2021, I worked closely with my good friend Duncan Pegg, the former member for Stretton who sadly passed away, to support his efforts to represent locals and fight for quality infrastructure and services.

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Key Highlights

Since being elected in 2021, James Martin has helped deliver:

My Plan For Our Community

Since being elected I have worked hard to deliver for our community. Whether it is Better Healthcare,  Quality Schools, Investing in Roads and Public Transport, and A Strong and Safe Community.

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